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FIRSTLOOK® Inifiniti (3 Months) 

Monthly Disposable Colour Lens (2 pcs per box)

4 Colours: Infiniti Black, Infinit Gray, Infiniti Hazel & Infiniti Brown



Ships in 14 days

FIRSTLOOK® Infiniti (3 Months)

  • Offer Contains: 2 Lenses/Box 

    Replacement  : Monthly Disposable (3 Months)

    4 Colours: Infiniti Black, Infiniti Gray, Infiniti Hazel & Infiniti Brown

    Water content: 45%     

    Material content: Silicone Hydrogel

    Base Curve: 8.6mm   

    Diameter: 14.5mm

  • An eternal and effortless beauty

    Stay charming effortlessly with FIRSTLOOK® Infiniti moisturizing cosmetic lenses.


    • Perfect fit
    • Extended wearing time
    • Double HD vision
    • Oxygen permeability


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