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I-Coloris Galaxy (1 Month)

Monthly Disposable Colour Lens (2 pcs per box)

6 Colours: Cocoa, Hazel, Gray, Black, Blue & Violet



Ships in 14 days

I-Coloris Galaxy

  • Offer Contains: 2 Lenses/Box 

    Replacement  : Monthly Disposable (1 Month)

    6 Colours: Brown, Hazel, Gray, Black, Blue & Violet

    Water content: 38%     

    Material content: Hydrogel HEMA

    Base Curve: 8.6mm   

    Diameter: 14.2mm(Blue,Cocoa&Violet)

    Diameter: 14.5mm(Black,Gray&Hazel)

  • Bionics iColoris Galaxy Color Contact Lenses


    This is another breakthough from Bionics with very attractive color lenses plus big eyes effects. The iColoris Galaxy color series brings out the eyes with bigger sparkling look. It comes in 6 color options.

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