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Single vision mirrored tinted lens

A stylish final touch to your sun lenses

Mirror coating are bold statements of color to the front side of the lenses. It is highly reflective but at the same to retains optimal vision perception of the wearer regardless of the coating color.


UV Light Protection

Excessive exposure to UV radiation can result in photokeratitis, sometimes referred to as sunburn of the eye. This condition can be painful and is charaterized by the red eyes and the feeling that of mething gritty, like sand in your eyes.


Long term and prolonged exposure to UV light can also result in more serious eye condition such as cataracts and macular degeneration - sunglasses help to block out harmful UV rays that damage the eyes.


Glare Protection

Extreme light sensitivity can be alleviated by wearing mirrored sunglasses when out in the sun. If you tend to get headaches from being out in the sun, whether it's in th heat of summer or the reflective glare of winter, mirrored lenses can protect your eyes.

KODAK Sun Lens Mirrors with prescription

  • Kodak Ready stock Mirror lens

    Polarized or non-Polarized

    Power Range: 1.5 Index

    SPH: +4.00 to -4.00

    CYL: -0.25 to -4.00

    Combine total: 4.00

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